The Reason

9 July 2018

By Justin Coomber

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The reason I freedive comes down to a few aspects…

Firstly, the feeling of being transported to another world, where you aren’t thinking of anything else except what is happening right then and there is the main reason I Freedive.
Diving down and swimming between the kelp forest with schools of small fish or swimming in vast open water with bigger creatures really is a hard feeling to describe.
It is something I recommend everyone to try and experience as it really is something special!



Secondly, The mental aspect of freediving is really important, you have to be so in tune with yourself.
You have to float on the surface and slow down your breathing and try to calm yourself as much as possible, which in turn lowers your heart rate and your body ends up using less oxygen. This is called breathing up.



Take a breath, fill your lungs, fill them some more, then squeeze in some more air and dive.
It’s crucial when diving down to use as little movements as possible, the less you move the slower you use oxygen and you can dive for longer.



The last mental part is not freaking out.

If you start running out of air, see a shark or something startling, it is imperative that you remain calm or you increase your chances of drowning.
So having to mentally force yourself to remain calm is another part I really like about it.



Lastly, the beauty beneath the water is unparalleled! It honestly takes your breath away (pun intended).

On days where the water is clear, the opportunities for photos are unlimited.



In summary – It is just the beauty and freedom that draws me to do it! Being a water baby all my life, it is something I’ll never stop doing!

The End.

Justin is an Outdoor Adventure photographer based in Cape Town South Africa.
“This is what I hope to achieve through my work – To inspire people to experience the outdoors and nature themselves.”
Justin is an avid adventurer and spends as much of his free time either in the mountains climbing or mountaineering or in the water, diving.
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